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HC303 IR Remote Controller

HC303 IR Remote Controller


HC303IR is a full color LED controller,it supports all the IC with return zero code:such as WS2811,UCS1903,TM1804,TM1809 etc.According to the combination of color and patterns,it can make more than 300 animation patterns.Controller can control max. 1024 pixels,each effect can have 64 levels speed for adjusting.

HC303IR controller adopts DC12V power supply,use the 5021 DC connector for power supply,inside as positive and outside is negative.It can support 12V/5A current max.RF receive head’s effective distance is around 10meters, 60 degree angle,please install it at the place where is convenient for remote control.

Wire used to connect with the LED strip is 2.54 mm pitch 4PIN pin, arrow position stands for +12V, followed by +12V, GND wire, GND wire, signal wire.

HC303IR use the CR2025-3.3V button battery,automatic standby when not in use,normally the battery can be used for more than half a year,if the remote control is invalid,client can first change the same type battery for confirming:according toe the function, the remote controller key can be divided into 3 parts:

Function display key:switch function,pixel choosing,brightness adjustment, adjustment of white light color temperature function;

Color combinations: there are 7 kinds of single color, 3 basic color, 7 color, 16 color combination pattern; pattern selection choice : horse race, meteor, running water, chasing, gradient, trailing, etc animation.

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