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LED Neon tube application
96 2022-08-16
WorldSemi was founded in 2007, we work as the leading LED specialist in IC designer for Constant Current LED Driver IC, Chip Driver LED, we are recognized as the product development and delivery of LED lighting industry leader and we’ve expanded offerings to inclusion of LED strip lights, LED point lights and LED controllers etc. As the original manufacturer of WS28xx series products (WS2801S, WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B, WS2813, WS2815,WS2816,WS2818....), WorldSemi with its advanced equipment, first-rate technical staff, and strict quality management system and the high-quality service to customers’ trust and support. WorldSemi team believes that high performance, super quality and competitive price of our products will satisfy your requirements.
With strong R&D capability, we can provide comprehensive technical support and Techno-scheme Design of LED lighting. We believe, “In the course of work, we have to keep the action, endless innovation.” From traditional LED lighting&decoration industry products to Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speaker, to Gaming Machines in Las Vegas, the TV shows‘ LED stage costumes and the Self-balancing Two Wheeled Vehicle, we have been in line of technology frontier, we will do all we can to cooperate with new industry and provide them best solutions.